We built the world on the Tees - now it's time to save it.

I want to spark a green electric revolution on the Tees. I want to put this area in the driving seat of the technologies that will transform lives and help tackle the climate crisis.

The threat to the planet, to thousands of species, to entire landscapes and eco-systems and the threat to our entire way of life is the single most important issue there is.

Tackling the climate emergency requires massive changes in the way we live, how we build and heat our homes, how we power our businesses and how we get around.

That is why I have put green technology and preparing for a future in wind, solar, carbon capture, hydrogen and electric vehicles right at the heart of my vision for a new Tees.

The Labour Party have just announced they will push for three £500m gigafactories to produce the next generation of batteries and fast charging technology that will make electric vehicles cheaper to buy, and cheaper to run for us the public and for councils and businesses and the transport network. Each one will create around 10,000 jobs. It is the future and we must be part of, at the heart of it. So I will campaign day and night to make sure we get one of those factories here on the Tees. We led the first industrial revolution and we can be the leaders of the next one. We have the people here with the skills and energy to make us the engine-room of a clean, green future for motoring.

We have history when it comes to industrial revolutions. We led the world in with steel and chemicals and we can lead it in electric, carbon and renewables. With real investment, real vision and creating secure jobs fit for the future, we can deliver on this.

The Tees can be a focus for this new technology, creating a strong battery supply chain and fast recharging technology so the UK can build on a position as a leading electric vehicle producer and sell to the world.

It would bring high-skilled, world-leading, future-proofed jobs to the area for our young people and give us a strong platform to rebuild our industrial base after 10 years of Tory decline.

That fits in with my personal vision to shape a dynamic new Tees. We must focus on green apprenticeships and train a generation of our young people to work on the industries of the future, on electric, wind, solar and carbon capture.

I promise that if elected I will create an army of 10,000 workers trained up for the future. I plan to launch a Green Futures training scheme to bring in fully funded green apprenticeships and training to ensure local people benefit from the new industry and technology.

There will be a green training hub so people and business can get the skills they need to maximise opportunity, we will invest in green businesses and initiatives and work with educators to champion green careers We built the world here on the Tees, now it is time to protect it. We can lead the way in tackling the urgent climate crisis with real investment, real vision and creating real jobs fit for the future. We can deliver on this.

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